Welcome to the Creative-Author Network

Creative-Author is a network for free and independent authors and for creative publishing.
The goal is, to help writers get their message out with the best result possible, by support of other authors and readers. Therefore, the platform creative-author is created, to make this interaction possible, either between authors (in an access-restricted author’s area) and with readers (with blog areas for each individual author and in combination for the author’s network).
As I know, that an author cannot guarantee the success of a book and the best intentions might lead to nothing, this network is free to use and author’s registration is free of charge. If you want to use the book shop functionality, a fee on booksales and downloads applies, to keep this network running.
If you like this idea and want to keep the network afloat, donations and support are very welcome!
Best wishes and lots of success,
Creative-Author Administrator

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